A useful article on how to use wargames is here https://thestrategybridge.org/the-bridge/2017/3/30/communicating-uncertainty-in-wargaming-outcomes; it explains how to get the most out of running wargames, and how to use their results. I'm a massive advocate of wargaming as a tool, as an effective way to practice certain situations so you operate more effectively when you're in the real version of the same thing. This article reflects the thinking of a friend and colleague of mine, John Curry, on how wargames can be used to understand a situation, and familiarise yourself with it, and can be used to estimate the likelihood of different outcomes, but shouldn't be used to predict outcomes.

"What 5G means for gaming" is here https://www.bcs.org/content/conWebDoc/59796, while the article is worth reading a summary would be that the consitency of connectivity, and the much improved latency, could open up possibilities for gaming on 5G networks which 4G networks weren't capable of. I'm not a mobile gamer myself at all, hell, I'm still working my way through my Xbox 360 "pile of shame", but still interested in where this will go in the next few years - especially combined with how much extra time people will have while on automated transport.

The "The Future of Penetration Testing....", which is here https://www.brighttalk.com/webcast/8325/328949; is worth putting on in the background. The point that really stood out for me was Holly Graceful's - saying that essentially it doesn't matter what you call a penetration test, as long as you and the customer agree.

It goes well with Rory McCune's "Night Of The Living Dead Pentest", from BSides Leeds earlier this year, You can watch the 45 minutes or so yourself here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ndd8irMjUB8 on YouTube. This is a really good summary of the issues with penetration testing, the benefits of testing, and gives a good outline of the way forward. It's also good to see some of the unsayable things being said - i.e. PTES hasn't been updated in so long. I keep meaning to get more of my thoughts into written form, I might use this as a springboard for some thoughts on penetration testing.

As with many podcasts, the WB40 podcast is one I'll dip into if the subject matter looks particularly relevant or useful. I enjoyed Episode 78, an interview with psychologist Nancy Doyle about neurodiversity and the tech industry - which is here https://wb40podcast.com/2018/09/17/episode-78-neurodiversity/. The interview technique is great, reminding me of Ian Farrar from the Industry Angel in that Matt Ballantine asks a good question and then gets out of the way of the interviewee. Do listen to the podcast if you're interested in neurodiversity in the workplace, from a quick skim through Doyle's report mentioned in the show notes, it's well worth your time to read through it - either to learn, or to support any points you want to make.